Evelyn, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin’s ability to nurture, coach, and develop individuals and teams is quite extraordinary.  He is a valuable partner as an executive coach to my senior leadership team.

Nick, Chief Accounting Officer

Kevin’s partnership approach helped me define and clarify my coaching objectives.  His insights and guidance in helping me craft a plan and holding me accountable has made me a more effective leader.

Jim, SVP/Licensing and Partnerships

Kevin helped me change the way I interact with my team, my peers, and other executives.  He worked with me to improve my patience, and in turn my listening skills, yielding better relationships and business results.

Bucky, SVP/Talent Development

Kevin is a skilled coach who is able to walk into any situation, evaluate all the various components, and create a  plan that enables leaders to be more effective.

Michelle, SVP/Marketing

Kevin’s unique leadership style helped me successfully manage my team through a large-scale corporate restructure.  He worked with me to prioritize communication and identify and address potential challenges before they became problems.

Regina, SVP/Digital Operations and Business Development

Kevin’s ability to connect with leaders and build on their strengths makes him the ideal partner for executives looking to become more impactful leaders.